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               Telemark Lodge-  Cable, Wi

Telemark lodge was built with an unprecedented amount

of cedar in 1971. After 40 years of wear and no refinishing

new ownership set out to reclaim the vast amount of Cedar

within. The Telemark Resort and Convention Center in

Cable, Wisconsin chose Hemp Shield Wood Finish and

Deck Sealer™ as the primary wood finish for a complete

renovation of the main lodge. Historic Telemark Resort and

Convention Center, is the largest nordic ski area in

northwestern Wisconsin. The lodge is impressively clad

in old growth tounge-and-groove cedar paneling, with massive

exposed supporting beams and delicate framing around 2-story

floor-to-ceiling windows. Even casual areas like the Guest's Laundry are cedar paneled in the 'board-and-bat' style of the American Frontier. Years of accumulated dust and smoke, and the residue of repeated cleaning had left the once lustrous finish dull and lifeless. In 2011, the resort's management committed to a total restoration and upgrade of the lodge, as well as new world class Nordic ski trails and other facilities to compliment Telemark's status as the official American Berkibeiner Nordic Course. As part of the makeover, the resort staff chose Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ to bring new life to their treasured cedar paneling.

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