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Live On The Earth Project. Building a sustainable  HempStone community on Pine Ridge Reservation.

Original Green Distribution and Vesper College are combining efforts towards the massive goal of rebuilding the Pine Ridge community one home at a time. The homes will be built by the community, for the community with the most advanced eco technology, including Hemp and Lime construction, Solar Energy, Green Rooftops, Eco Sanitation systems and many other sustainable building materials and technologies.

About Pine Ridge:The Pine Ridge Reservation is one of the most destitute areas in the nation. There is an 80 percent unemployment rate. 49 percent of the residents live below the Federal poverty level (61 percent of those under the age of 18). Despite numerous efforts of community leaders like Alex White Plume to bring economic independance to the Pine Ridge community there have been many setbacks.

The film Standing Silent Nation tells the story of Alex White Plume and his family and their struggle to grow Industrial Hemp on sovereign soil.  Despite Industrial Hemp having less than one percent THC, the DEA has labeled the Hemp plant a Schedule 1 narcotic.  There are tens of thousands of uses for this plant which itself is carbon negative and actually pulls carbon out of the air during its growing process.  The Hemp plant is also one of the most sustainable plants on the planet and is the only plant that truly thrives in the soil at Pine Ridge.

We are also advocates for the legalization of the growing of Industrial Hemp in the United States. We support Alex White Plume and his family and hope that what we're doing here can start to make a difference at Pine Ridge. 
We are working diligently to change the laws that prevent the growing of Industrial Hemp on U.S. soil and to educate people about the many uses and benefits of Industrial Hemp and it's sustainability factors as well as the potential it has to stimulate and even save our economy by creating thousands of new jobs throughout the United States..

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