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Natural Hydraulic Lime from limestone provided by Graymont

The inner woody core of the Hemp plant also known as shive or hurd

Simplified Building Methods
Natural Materials
Advanced Results

HempStone™ is a breathable wall component made from hemp and lime. It is designed to encase a framed structure making it perfect for new construction, remodeling and Timber Frames.  No need for vinyl siding, house wrap, osb, fiberglass insulation or drywall. In its simplest form HempStone™ may be rendered inside and outside with lime plaster and breathable paint.  More material options such as bricks, stone, wood products and Magnesium Oxide wall board are easily installable provided the wall system maintains a vapor permeable state(breathability).

Whether you are concerned with issues such as Sick Building Syndrome or not you can take comfort in the fact that you are using a truly healthy, toxic free building component that is also far superior to most other building designs.

Energy Efficient
HempStone™ is Inherently air tight with a great ability to optimize heat gain and loss due to its capillary nature;  12” of HempStone™ may achieve a minimum R-value of 30(currently undergoing testing at Braun Intertec, results are expected to surpass this value). 
In addition to its high R-factor HempStone has optimized thermal mass with great thermal inertia leading to a very comfortable living environment.

America’s 3rd largest lime producer, provides us with a hydraulic lime that meets the ASTM C1707 specification.  This material gives HempStone™ Superior tensile strength and vapor transfer without the addition of Portland Cement.

Fire Resistant
With the incorporation of Lime, HempStone is Fire Resistant and will not sustain a fire.

Highly resistant to mold and rot due to its ability to breath(vapor permeable}.
Yet still Rodent, Insect and Fire Resistant due to the incorporation of lime.

Hemp is an extremely renewable, highly sustainable carbon negative building material.  Found to be the strongest  natural fiber on the planet.

HempStone wall before rendering with stucco

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