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 Hemp is the most resourceful crop on the planet. Legalize Hemp growing in America.

Original Green Distribution™ would like to see The United States join a long list of nations  that are Already allowing the commercial production of Hemp--The most resourceful crop on the planet today.

Australia  Austria  Canada  Chile  China  Denmark  Egypt  Finland  France
Germany  Great Britain  Hungary  India  Korea  Netherlands  Poland
Portugal  Romania  Russia  Slovenia  Spain  Switzerland  Thailand  Ukraine

  Many nations have realized the value of Hemp for its fiber strength,  Cellulose properties,  oil extracts,   Renewability  &  Health Benefits.  All of These benefits can lead to many more products that outperform in performance and can be produced more economically in today's society while solving energy issues and helping the environment tremendously.


Hemp is not Pot!
  You cannot "Get High" on Industrial Hemp since it contains less than .3% of THC, the psychoactive chemical of the cannabis plant.

Can Hemp be used to hide Marijuana?

Trying to grow a high THC cannabis anywhere near Industrial Hemp would prove unfortunate for both plants as they would cross pollinate.  Industrial Hemp  benefits by growing densely at heights of 6-12 feet where as high THC Marijuana benefits by growing short and broad.  It would be quite impossible to try and hide marijuana inside a hemp crop as many people are leading others to believe.

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