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Stable Litter
100 %  Hemp Bedding

A clean, animal and environmentally friendly way to maintain your farm needs when it comes to your animals.   Our hemp bedding is almost completely dust-free and has a greater absorption rate than conventional materials, allowing it to be used longer while maintaining a healthier environment for you and your farm.  Using hemp as animal litter has become very popular in Europe and is the preferred choice among many.  Because of shipping costs it has not been readily available in the U.S. until now.  We have been able to make this cost affordable due to our abundance of use for the construction market by the means of HempStone™.

Our Hemp litter is highly renewable and grown without the use of Pesticides or Insecticides, so you can rest assured of using a natural product.  It is also rare for horses to have an appetite for hemp which takes away many worries from special diets to concerns of colic or any gastrointestinal disorders. 

Odor Control
Our hemp bedding is highly absorbent but also dust free reducing any respiratory concerns from being affected or created.  The high absorbency means using less litter in the long run and cutting down on the time you spend mucking out while also keeping odors low.
Hemp is naturally a great insulator helping keep in warmth in the winter months without the concerns of overheating in the summer.  It is also rare to see hoof rot with the use of hemp and is a comfortable choice as it has a cushioning effect with no need to worry about splinters.
Mucked Out
Hemp is already nitrogen rich making it a phenomenal composting agent when mucked out and turned into your garden.

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