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Architects and Builders

​For architects and designers choosing the right material is essential to a successful project.   Hemp and lime construction has been exceeding sustainable building code standards in Europe for years and is now available in North America from Original Green Distribution. HempStone is a non-toxic, sustainable, energy efficient solution for forward thinking architects who want to address climate change and are looking for cost-effective building materials on the cutting edge of Eco/sustainable building.


​  We offer valuable information for architects and designers unfamiliar with HempStone and we want to share the incredible benefits of building with our product.  HempStone™ is a breathable wall component made from hemp and lime. It is designed to encase a framed structure making it perfect for new construction, remodeling/rehab, timber frames and steel frames. No need for vinyl siding, tyvek, osb, fiberglass insulation or drywall. In its simplest and most efficient form, HempStone™ may be rendered inside and outside with lime plaster and breathable paint. HempStone's facade can be rendered in many different ways. Enjoy the benefits healthy and energy efficient building with great design possibilities. Numerous material options such as bricks, stone, wood products and magnesium oxide wall board are easily installable provided the wall system maintains a vapor permeable state.

HempStone is an ideal material for Schools, Office Buildings, Single-Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Industrial Facilities, Nature Centers, Cold Storage Facilities, Retro Fits and more.

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