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*    Environmentally friendly
*    No HAP’s(Hazardous Air Pollutants)
*    No VOC’s in its clear form. Less than 1% in tints.
*    Extremely high UV resistance

*    Surpasses Thompson’s Cabot’s and Restorex in Accelerated testing
*    High solids-maximum coverage single coat application
*    Available in Clear, Cedar, Hickory, Redwood and Chestnut.
*    Water soluble for easy cleanup!

*    Formaldehyde Free!--resists environmental attacks from

mildew, algae, and fungus.

     Today, there is dramatic new evidence showing the properties found in Hemp Seed oil offer exceptional improvements in deck sealers and wood finishes. This naturally occurring oil is accepted into the wood fiber much more readily than other vegetable oils normally used in deck sealers and wood finishes.
           Through extensive laboratory research we have found a method of incorporating hemp seed oil into a water based deck sealer and wood finish. This oil, due to it's small particle size, is drawn deep down into the wood fiber while providing positive synergistic effects for all other oils and components used in the proprietary mix. This includes the special  ( non-formaldehyde based) biocides, algaecides  and fungicides  incorporated into the formula as the coating travels into the wood fiber.

Hemp Shield was produced through the use of ASTM testing  and actual field conditions.
ASTM D 1006 Exterior Exposure Tests of Paint on Wood.
ASTM D 3456 Exterior Exposure Tests for Susceptibility of Paint Film to Microbiological Attack.
ASTM D 3719 Quantifying Dirt Collection on Exterior Panels.
ASTM D 4587 QUV Exposure 1000+ hrs UV-B

Made With 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil
Interior/Exterior Deep penetrating wood sealer for decking, fences, siding
or marine docks as well as Interior woodworking
Apply 1 coat, cleanup with water and enjoy your results for years to come.
Take pride in knowing you are using a truly green sustainable product that is outlasting the competition at far lower costs than many other “eco-friendly” stains and sealers.

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