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"Original Green Distribution...Transcending Sustainability"

"Connecting consumers with sustainable ​​building materials today​​... Advancing the industry into tomorrow​"

Original Green Distribution On WCCO Channel 4 News Twin Cities.






Original Green Distribution has been making major progress over the past few years in the effort to bring the hemp plant back to U.S. soil.


The efforts of Original Green Distribution and CEO Ken Anderson have succeeded in bringing hemp back to the United States. On May 23, 2014 Original Green Distribution successfully imported 286 lbs of certified industrial hemp cultivars from Italy.


Although the shipment was temporarily confiscated by the Drug Enforcement Agency the hemp cultivars finally made their way to the University of Kentucky Spindle Top Research Farm where a pilot program will measure yields of fiber and seed plus evaluated the effects of weeds, disease and insects on the crop.



This auspicious event will significantly effect the future of the hemp market , create jobs and increase the Gross Domestic Product.



Original Green Distribution is Making Progress In Bringing Hemp Back To The USA.

  • Original Green Distribution currently distributes Hemp Shield, hemp bedding and Hemp Stone. OGD also offers expert consultation to assist entrepreneurs source the appropriate cultivar to create exemplary hemp products at competitive prices.


  • Original Green Distribution owns distribution rights for 17 Cultivars from around the world.  These seeds will be used to kickstart the American Hemp Industry. Seed is available for use with government approved hemp planting pilot programs for next season.


  • We will help you find the right seed for your business.  It's of the utmost importance to make sure you use the right seed for it's intended purpose. Whether your industry is hemp oil, plastics, fiber, etc.. 


  • Currently our seeds are being planted at The University or Kentucky as well as 5 other top schools in the Commonwealth in conjunction with Kentucky's Agriculture Comissioner, James Comer and The Kentucky Department of Agriculture.



Now Available for Speaking Engagements, Consults & Educational Courses.

Both Ken Anderson, founder and CEO of Original Green Distribution and leading expert in industrial hemp, Dr. David West, PHD.  are now available for speaking engagements. Please email for all inquiries and offers to speak and educate on Industrial Hemp in America and The Business of Industrial Hemp.

Original Green Distribution's imported  Hemp Seeds Making National News.

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